About us

Dyne is a unit of force in CGS system. Every day we encounter force measured in newtons, but there are also other ways of expressing the same value. Likewase, in Dynamic Engineering – approaching various problems posed by our customers, we think outside the box, which allows us to propose an unique solution. Such approach allows us to provide best services on the market.

Dynamic Engineering was founded in response to rapidly growing expectations for service and consulting in Information Technology. Professional experience, developing new skills, allow us for a wide range of customer service, from simple operation like configuration of peripheral devices, network management, as well as, the development of software according to requirements and customer specifications.

Our goal is professional customer support, by listening to their needs. Understanding and assessment of the requirements of the customer, allows us to customize services and equipment to individual needs. We are able to offer solutions for both the SME sector companies, as well as budgetary units.